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  • Pulse FC Programmer
    Easily program cards for dispense or fluid totals
  • Pulse FC Fluid Cards
    Reusable fluid cards can be scanned directly on the SD preset meter's built-in NFC reader
  • Pulse FC Software
    Simple PC-based software is used in conjunction with Pulse FC Programmer
  • Pulse FC Software Quick Start
    Easy-to-follow instructions for quick system setup

    Pulse FC Fluid Control provides service operations with accuracy and command to automate and regulate fluid dispenses for optimal accountability and profitability. With Pulse FC, dispense only precise volumes to create efficiencies for your entire shop operation. Monitor how much fluid you're using. Choose the amount of fluid each technician can dispense. Maintain accurate inventory. Streamline processes to improve productivity and uncover hidden profitability while adding transparency to everyday tasks.

    • Easily upgrade from SD Preset meters to Pulse FC
    • Control exactly how much fluid is dispense to improve inventory management
    • Fast, easy wire-free setup and configuration reduces installation costs
    • Generate simple reports to make more informed decisions
    • Add fluids or dispense points seamlessly as your demands grow
    • Easily upgrade to Pulse Pro for even more management, analytics, and DMS integration
    • Pair with mobile dispense units and drums quickly so your team can conveniently dispense without delays, hassles, or extra steps

    Pulse FC is a fluid control system that utilizes SD Preset meters. When put into Pulse FC mode, SD Preset meters will only dispense fluid when authorized with Fluid Cards. These included cards are programmed using the Pulse FC Software and Card Programmer. Once programmed, the cards are simply tapped to the meter which will preset for the authorized amount of fluid and will not dispense any more than authorized.

    1. Program fluid card with Pulse FC software and card programmer
    2. Card is passed to technician
    3. Card is tapped on any meter of correct fluid and meter is preset and restricted to the programmed quantity
    4. Card is returned to parts room
    5. Software indicates card has been returned and is ready to be reused
    • Software
    • Card Programmer
    • Software Quick Start
    • 50-Pack of Fluid Cards

    *Minimum 1 of SD Preset Dispense Meter is required to Pulse FC systems
    (sold separately)

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