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Item #: SAM-301101

    SAMSON GREASE PUMP PACKAGE FOR 35 LB PAILS - Includes PM33 55:1 Pump, Drum Cover, Follower Plate, Hose, Handle & Z-Swivel, and Filter Reg Combo
    301 101 PM3 55:1 35lb 10'
    300PumpMaster3 55:1
    1934Pail Cover
    962Follower Plate
    872 000Delivery Hose 10'
    413 077Grease Handle
    9551/4″ Mini F/R Combo
    2020Carrying Handle
    930F04Quick Air Coupler 1/4"
    933M04Quick Air Nipple 1/4"
    *Pump packages include all hoses and adapters required for connecting an oil pump to the air supply, and oil dispense line. Samson does not provide wall mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, and anchors) for lube packages.
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